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About Us

Bara Buffalo-Hide

As a young wife and mother I made and sold Native American beadwork to stretch the family income. Now as an old wife and great grandmother I am addicted to beading. Please buy me out so I can make more before I go to rest awaiting the happy hunting ground.  Looking good is feeling good. Tell me your favorite color(s) so I can help you look your Native American best.

Bill Running Fisher and his wife Bara Buffalo-Hide are two disadvantaged American Indians who included the Creator in using "Indian Determination" to face medical challenges of disability to work a 9-5 job, no income, low income, diminished credit opportunities, limited education, diabetes, parenting and advancing age as follows:

  • In 2001, Bara earned her Associates of Arts degree in Business Entrepreneurship from the Fort Belknap Community College in Montana and used scholarship awards to finance a bootstrap operation called A2Z4 NDN ART, LLC (Formed in 2009).
Look for our Authenticity Symbol - Made by American Indians - on all of our products!

Look for our Authenticity Symbol - Certified "Made by American Indians" - on all of our products!

I am an enrolled Western Shoshone with Blackfeet ancestry.  I am a 78 year old great-grandmother and have six adult sons.  I am physically handicapped from Diabetic Neuropathy to work a 9-5 job and must work at my own pace as my health allows.  My husband, Bill Running Fisher, was a heavy equipment Reclamation Specialist until he became disabled from a 14 foot fall in Wyoming in 1984.  The best opportunity for self-reliance resulted being refused welfare because of anticipated disability income.  We returned to the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

In 1985, I picked up my beading needle and began weaving beads on silk flower stems for a tighter and non-drooping beadwork to compliment ceramic hand painted pottery.  However, lead poisoning resulted excessive pottery making.  I then began designing wood wall art for beaded bouquets and interior decorating wall art making centerpieces and Indian Time Clocks out of oak and cedar with 12 feet of beaded hour hand dowels.


I had a limited education diploma from Stewart Indian High School and no marketable skills except beading.  I didn't have the strength or stamina to work as a motel maid, waitress or professional house cleaner in addition to my responsibilities of taking care of a disabled husband and three minor children.  I took the opportunity of achieving a 2001 Business Entrepreneurship Associates of Arts Degree from the Fort Belknap Community College and used my scholarship grants to jumpstart A2Z4 NDN ARTS, LLC in 2009.

My beadwork and designer art skills earned the Grand Award Floral Arrangement and Floriculture in 1986 at the Sweetwater County Fair in Wyoming and the Fort Belknap Arts and Crafts Fair Best of Show Artist in 2003.  The Havre Daily News featured a full page story of my original designed art and beadwork in or about 2005.  The Small Business Administration awarded A2Z4 NDN Arts as 2010 Home Based Business Champion of Montana.  Joe LaPlante, SBD Director at Bear Paw Development in Havre has proved to be a tireless mentor for me and has assisted my cultural endeavors and economic advancement of disadvantaged people.  My definition of success is turning a misfortune into a fortune.  I thank the Creator, Vocational Rehabilitation and many others for their patience with my handicaps and keeping me off of welfare.

I please my customers best by designing home and office decor and jewelry in your favorite colors.  Whenever possible, we try to assist other unemployed, underemployed and unemployable Indians to market their products either by contract labor, enhancing products, trading goods or supplying material for projects.  The current goals of nativehandart.com and indiantimeart.com are to continue Indian art and beadwork plus furnish Kangen™ water and Native American dried preserved hydroponic organic food to address diabetes and increase economic opportunities for disadvantaged people in Dodson, Montana.

our vision and mission

Our Mission is to create supplemental, sustainable income from home-based art/craft jobs for Native Americans who are unemployed, under-employed and/or unemployable, living on or near Reservations by marketing products "Made and Produced by American Indians."


About our Products

Products Hand Made by American Indians in your favorite colors!Traditional hand beadwork will continue to survive all fads of temporary transitional beading.  Bara Buffalo-Hide has been creating and designing traditional beadwork since 1945.  She creates products in your favorite colors with an American Indian flavor.